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for self-healing

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Did you know that when healthy you can gain 93% of energy just through breathing? But also about 70% of your body’s waste is discharged through correct breathing patterns. Oriental medicine speaks of natural circulation of Ki energy that moves in and out with every breath, naturally supporting your body, mind and soul.

Our bodies are amazing vessels that have the ability to self restore and recover from from all dis-ease, but more often than not, we don’t know how we can truly activate these processes and restore our physical, emotional or mental health.

This is the workshop to create a big positive change for ourselves.

A deeply relaxing experience to see yourself clearly

Release old habits and finally calm down your thinking mind, through learning how to breathe deeply and release anxiety and stress, as you create a lifelong, unbreakable connection with yourself.

Health starts with your breath

Workshop details

Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is definitely for you if you have an interest to learn more about breathing and self healing. However, if you are not sure, then check this list. If at least one of these apply to you, then it’s 100% designed for you! ○ You want to increase your endurance or deepen your meditation ○ You often feel tired and lacking energy ○ You feel unproductive ○ Your mind is constantly racing ○ You feel like you just want to take a deep breath and properly relax but somehow you can’t do it ○ You don’t sleep well ○ You often don’t feel at ease ○ You have a breathing disorder ○ You wonder what you should do with your life

The benefits

Nothing will change unless I take the first step

○ Increase your immunity!

○ Alleviate stress and anxiety

○ Increase energy levels

○ Natural painkiller

○ Reduce inflammation

○ Improve digestion

○ Calm your mind

○ Detoxify your body

○ Improve your posture

○ Release tension from your internal organs

○ Improve concentration and sleep

○ Improve circulation

○ Connect to your life purpose

○ Heal emotional wounds

Workshop Details

In buddhism it is said that to create a new habit you need to practice it daily for three months.

This visceral workshop is over the course of three months where we will meet live once a week.

Receive insightful lectures, practice active meditation, take with you practical guidelines and ask questions to develop your practice. 


August 24th

(Total 12 sessions)

Every Monday

6pm to 7.20pm (BST)
Sessions will be live on Zoom

Workshop fee