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Finding True Self

Shim Sung Workshop

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Finding True Self

This signature workshop has been active worldwide for over 30 years designed for those who are truly looking for that life changing experience and the next step of inner growth and development. 

Guided through and exploration that will help you unravel an unshakable light and power that emanates from within. 

Over the course of two days you will experience who you are, authentically, at your core. Free to peel away the external and internal layers of your life and look at the belief systems driving your subconscious thoughts and actions to decipher the consistent themes of your life and connect the missing dots.

You will experience a renewed sense of vitality, freedom, self-trust, inner peace, and a newfound love for yourself and for life.

Opening a spiritual journey to uncover who you truly are

behind your title, degrees, bank account, heritage and accomplishments.

Our Finding True Self workshop is an experiential program that offers personal development. Focused on deeply experiencing your true essence through lectures, meditations and activities.

These heart-centred sessions help you to slow down and awaken to what life can look like when you become present to people, places, and all things around you.

We implement a variety of modalities (from ancient energy meditations to chakra cleansing) designed to help you break through self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviours, master your mindset, connect with your heart, reclaim your true and limitless self, see the world through new eyes, and create what’s next from a place of aligned intentions.

Discovering You

Your Trainer

Jeon Sunsanim

With over 20 years of experience in mastering Qi energy, Jeon Sunsanim offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves and awaken their fullest potential.

With a vision of individual awakening and healing to be the seed from which the healing of all humanity and the Earth will grow. She provides a way to heal and love the self completely, which eradicates dis-ease and realigns the human condition. 

She is the director of Ilchi Healing Garden retreat centre in Tenerife, Spain. And directs the Body & Brain centres in all of Europe.

What you can Experience

○ Recognising negative belief patterns
Healing emotional memories
 Mastering your reaction to stress
○ Obtaining clarity of mind
○ Reflecting on your life and creating a new mindset
○ Awakening your body’s energy levels
 Detach to sharpen your focus
 Discovering your authentic self
 Removing the layers of self-doubt
 Raising your vibration and unconscious healing

Detalles del Taller

Step into the true You


Saturday 4th of September
(10pm to 11.30pm CET)

The main Weekend Session

Saturday 11th September (12 pm to 7 pm CET)
Sunday 12th September (10 am to 5.30 pm CET)


Follow-up Reinforcement

Saturday 18th of September
(10 am to 11.30 am CET)


Grounding Sessions 21 days

Optional training offered to ground the new experience. Schedule will informed after training.

All sessions will be live on Zoom

Aportación 250€

Retake Shim Sung workshop for 120€ (please contact us)


As everyone else I had no idea what this weekend was really about. It was Transformational! I came here with 41 years of journeying toward peace and serenity and left on a new level completely. The entire experience was incredible! I’m at a new level now of that peace and serenity I've worked so hard for. I would recommend this to the world! Instead though I’ll share it with my personal world.
Linda M.
Finding true self is a powerful way to give us the tools, confidence, awareness and support to realize that the way to heal the world is within us. It also opens up the doorway and or solidifies in our minds what actions we can take to contribute to the creation of this healing.
Finding True Self unblocked the power to understand that every person had beauty inside no matter how they look or act on the outside. Connecting with that beauty is a challenge for us all.
Well worth spending the time to truly work solely on yourself from the inside out. You find true balance as your mind and body become one. A workshop for people, of all ages, faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.
I felt that my experience was integral to my continued spiritual journey and understanding of life. Understanding my role as an earth citizen will propel me to do greater things. Thank you! I love you!